lunedì 18 aprile 2016

Whut?! Sabayon Community Repositories is here!

Hello users,

Time passed when i first wrote the article "[Part 1] Building Gentoo and Sabayon packages in your machine locally or remotely with Docker and Cloud Services" that was going to be divided into parts. But things changed amazingly fast and there is better news, I wrote up a suite of tools that makes the whole operation much easier, thanks also to +Ben Roberts (optiz0r) who contributed in the development and he is also kindly sponsoring the buildserver.

Some of you probably already heard about Sabayon Community Repositories (SCR) that we announced  in the developers mailing list some weeks ago, if not, keep reading. The SCR Build System is an improvement of the methodology explicated before, but with a lot of extras and automated features. This is how SCR is born.

Information and how-to use: Wiki page (under construction)
Search available packages: SCR website
Packages requests: Bugzilla section
Contributing/setup a local development environment: How-to contribute
Guidelines and Bylaws (for SCR Devs): scr-docs Github repository