domenica 15 novembre 2015

[Part 1] Building Gentoo and Sabayon packages in your machine locally or remotely with Docker and Cloud Services

As previously anticipated in the previous blog post, here i explain what's going on with Sabayon Docker images, and how can the Official Sabayon images help you in developing/deploying your application. In this article, i'll show how to build Sabayon/Gentoo packages using Docker.

I'll cover five cases and will be divided in differents articles:

  1. You want to build packages locally
  2. You want to remotely build packages
  3. You want to host an overlay or a Sabayon repository and want your packages to get built on each push to the git repository
  4. You want to track remote repository changes and test (useful if you can't setup a webhook)
  5. Setup an Entropy repo with a Docker image, and how to mantain packages
In future, i'll write also a post also on how to track the packages remotely with CircleCi.