giovedì 27 agosto 2015

KDE Plasma 5.4, available on Plasma5 Sabayon community repository

I'm glad to announce that Plasma 5.4 is available on Sabayon Plasma5 community repository.

Plasma 5.4
The KDE team announced on 25 August the release of Plasma 5.4:
This release of Plasma brings many nice touches for our users such as much improved high DPI support, KRunner auto-completion and many new beautiful Breeze icons. It also lays the ground for the future with a tech preview of Wayland session available. We're shipping a few new components such as an Audio Volume Plasma Widget, monitor calibration tool and the User Manager tool comes out beta. Look at the official press release here

lunedì 10 agosto 2015

on Calamares, Docker and Sabayon

Since i became Sabayon developer, i started to work on customizing it and giving some love to the entropy packages.
A lot as been done in those months, and you can see that picking up a "-dev" image from our mirrors.
After giving to the entropy packages a fullfill of love (systemd was bumped, ati-drivers and nvidia-drivers as well to be in line with upstream, implemented iptables saving rules for systemd, ... ) then we decided that the time of Anaconda installer was finished.
Anaconda was buggy and most of the users couldn't even install Sabayon also if, for now, we loose a lot of  nice features like LUKS support and LVM we chose to swap it with the new and shiny Calamares .