G@H updates! (3)

This post is an update of the current status of the Google@Home project. Google@Home tries to bring domotic control in your home using Google Services for Speech Synthesis and Text-to-Speech. It is also planned a web interface to control the embedded nodes in the current environment.

During this period i focused on fixing bugs, microphone settings and some structural restyling

This is a small summary of the changes ( for a complete list, check commit diffs in github page) :
  • [structural enhancement] Changed design, main process moved from script/* to the Top module(for each type)
  • [enhancement] master and nodes start in background, give a -f as argument to mantain in foreground and provvisory -s to stop (will change soon to a normal start/stop)
  • [fix] Google synth api changes Commit, switched to v2!
  • [enhancement] switched to pulseaudio+SoX for recording
  • [enhancement] Now microphone levels are adjusted automatically (you can disable this feature commenting out from nodes.yaml the mic_upper_threshold and mic_lower_threshold)
  • starting to work with my GSoC student to help him thru the code and defying a r scheme to follow for the SQLite porting.

If you wish to install and try you can just still follow the quick start on the repository page.


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