mercoledì 2 settembre 2015

Tech Preview: Sabayon Plasma 5 LiveCD


Sabayon Plasma 5 LiveCD Tech preview is available for download

This release is just for testing only, it is just a preview of Plasma5 on Sabayon for those of you that 
wants just to snoop on what's going on without touching your system.

If you want to install Plasma 5 with the community repository, follow those instructions.

Known issues:

  • Dolphin Shortcut on favorites is not working
  • Desktop isn't in folderview so you can't quickly access to the install icon, but the installer is present (search for "Calamares" or "Installer" in the Plasma menu)
  • No Sabayon artwork is present, plasma is vanilla
Please, if you encounter other issues let us know, Thank you!


You can find the images here: 


NOTE: the Images are not meant to be installed on a physical machine.