G@H updates! (4)

This post is an update of the current status of the Google@Home project. Google@Home tries to bring domotic control in your home using Google Services for Speech Synthesis and Text-to-Speech. It is also planned a web interface to control the embedded nodes in the current environment. In this post i'll report also the work by the GSoC student so far

During this period i haven't much time to code, due to my knee surgery, but that's the current status of the project:

The GSoC student :
  • ER scheme to port the current Mongo scheme into SQLite, with few modifications all was good so far
  • Created the modules using DBIxClass to reflect the SQLite schema
  • Looking ahead from the schedule, he started to code the RPC Server skeleton to avoid issues in the future (nice job, i'm very glad about that)

This is what i have done:
  • Fixed the Google Synth api module to reflect the new api (well, that took a while..)
  • Created the Relay plugin, need some tests (this was a draft, that may eventually need some rework)
  • Added the driver attribute to the GPIOs schema
  • Started to develop the Android application to issue voice command from the mobile device, needs the RPC integration when the parsing services (that interfaces the RPC to the Parser) will be ready
  • Fixed and cleaned up some code

If you wish to install and try you can just still follow the quick start on the repository page.


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