venerdì 4 aprile 2014

[email protected] updates! (2)

This post is an update of the current status of the [email protected] project. [email protected] tries to bring domotic control in your home using Google Services for Speech Synthesis and Text-to-Speech. It is also planned a web interface to control the embedded nodes in the current environment.

During this week i focused on fixing bug and few structural enhancements

This is a small summary of the changes:
  • [fix] Plugin can be removed safetly
  • master now can load node configurations by their backends (e.g. Mongo)
  • a dump of an example of mongo db
  • added the model for the node
  • fixed #1
  • tuned up SoX
  • started the prototyping of the listening agent that directly commands GPIO

If you wish to install and try you can just still follow the quick start on the repository page.